Beginners exercise guide

beginners exercise guide good mood method

The biggest tip in this beginners exercise guide is to understand that actually, you are not a beginner.

Exercise is just moving. You already move, so technically you are not a beginner. Therefore, to get fitter than you are now, all you need to do is just move more than you do now.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to how to move more by removing the usual barriers and misconceptions. Better still, let’s fit it all into your day without having to change your day.


What is exercise explained?

When you begin to move more (exercise) your body adapts. 

Adaptation simply means, do what you can, rest, repeat, and try and beat it next time. Your body realises you are asking it to do more, so your heart, lungs, and muscles adapt. They get stronger and more efficient. 

As you move your body more, it requires more energy. It gets this from the calories you take on board in the food you consume. When you use more calories to fuel movement, it leaves fewer calories on your butt.

Exercise releases chemicals into your system which helps improve your mood and so develop better coping mechanisms.

That’s it!

The secret to a beginners exercise plan

Keep it simple but effective, with small actions that will have the biggest impact.

Small actions, that can easily be repeated to form new and more empowering habits throughout the day. You can make a start with that here. When those actions are second nature, just add another small action. You could say it’s another form of adaptation. Exercise is nothing to be scared of, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming, confusing, or expensive.

Two beginners exercises you can do right now

Walk like you are late for 5-minute bursts of energy where ever you are. Do it up to 5 times per day. That’s a 30-minute power walk every day without doing a power walk session in your spare time.

When you pop the kettle on, do 10-20 push-ups on the kitchen counter followed by 10-20 squats. Repeat up to 3 times before the kettle boils. That’s upwards of 100 of each before the day ends!

NOTE. These are just 2 of the mini-workouts you will find inside the STARTER PACK which you can buy right now or get free as part of the Moodies community. Just Saying!

beginners exercises good mood method


Beginners social exercise

It’s true that the social element is great to get going and keep going, but it’s not the most important thing. If you rely on others too much, you potentially take the power away from yourself. Being part of a group is something we do here, you just log on to your account for a chat and get encouragement. The main emphasis is on you, it has to be.

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